CareSens N Voice Blood Glucose Meter



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Audible blood glucose test results

A reliable meter which speaks results, instructions and error messages.  It has independently published ISO data that exceeds ISO 15197:2013 standards for accuracy.

Key features:

  • Speaks to advise the meter is ready to test and the meter reading once
  • Strip ejection button
  • Easy to grip
  • Hypoglycaemia indicator
  • Three large buttons
  • Clear large display
  • 500 results memory
  • Self coding for accurate testing
  • Small blood sample
  • Rapid test results
  • Four different alarms – three timed, one post meal alarm
  • Pre/post meal markers
  • 1,7,14,30,90 day test averaging tool
  • Data port, results can be downloaded

The meter will come with: 

  • Meter with batteries
  • 10 test strips 
  • 10 lancets
  • Lancing Pen
  • Log book
  • User guide
  • Warranty form

Please check when ordering that you are selecting the correct test strips for your meter.

Customers may only order any one blood glucose meter. We may contact you requesting additional information. If you would like to order multiple meters please contact us.

 To download the user manual for the CareSens N Voice CLICK HERE