Needle-free insulin injection technology

The InsuJet device lets you administer insulin without a needle, allowing for accurate and virtually pain-free delivery.

The device fires insulin at high pressure through a small hole - this creates a high-speed jet that can penetrate the skin and underlying tissue. The pressure is generated by a powerful spring inside the device which is optimised for subcutaneous insulin delivery.

With the Insujet, it’s easy to maintain glycaemic control as it guarantees precise insulin dosages. It also allows for insulin to spread evenly through the subcutaneous tissue, maximising absorption into the circulation.

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Key Features:

  • Great for needle-phobics
  • Faster absorption than traditional injections
  • Audible click to choose insulin units, suitable for visually-impaired people
  • Reusable
  • No risk of incorrect needle disposal
  • Your choice of two colours, Mint Green or Blue

The InsuJet can be used with all types of U100 insulin. Nozzles and adaptors will need to be purchased separately.

Please note this product cannot be shipped outside of the UK.

To download instructions for use for Insujet CLICK HERE